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We are hiring 30 (!) Chancellor Fellows in Data Sciences

Calling on all data scientists & critical scholars working on how statistics, data, big data and logarithms change production of knowledge and decision making. University of Edinburgh is  are appointing up to 30 (!) tenure track Chancellor Fellows. The fellow will be hosted or be associated with the Edinburgh Future Institute.

The call is here. I am contact person for people preparing applications that contribute to public policy, and among those areas, global development and global governance.

Now when you read this call you might be struck by that it is quite business and solution directed. This does in part reflect the interest of the public money that is vested in making Edinburgh University  a hub for data science. I am hoping we get more social science and problem oriented scholars, and so there is room for critical thinking, as well as questioning some of the language in the call.

However for the overall success of the application I think it might be smart to think of credible ways of arguing how your research will connect to a wider group working in the big space sometimes called data science – and also how you might interact with business (‘innovations’) or ‘the third sector’ (civil society, or the non-profit non government sector) The case for the fellowship scheme was written up by business school people so there is a bit of lingo in there that you might want to dissect and put in your own words (like what do you understand by ‘govtech’) and so forth.

Hope that helps a bit. Write something that is exciting and that I will like, and then provide me with some good arguments to win the business people over.

Get in touch if you have more questions.

Applications are due by 5pm on March 12.


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