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Ruling the World by Numbers: streaming lectures online

For those who want to follow the lectures in my course “Ruling the world by numbers” online, the lectures will stream live here from 12:15 till 14:00. The lectures run every monday from 12:15 to 14:00 as per the schedule below. I will also post the lecture slides online. You can ask questions and provide comments to the lecture mentioning my twitter handle or by using #worldbynumbers in your tweet.

The live stream will be available here. Tune in at 12:15 CET. Or use the same link to access the recorded lecture.

06.02.2017 1. Ruling the world by numbers: introduction
13.02.2017 2. States and statistics: Why do states count?
20.02.2017 3. Auditing the world: The IMF
27.02.2017 4. Counting the poor: The World Bank
06.03.2017 5. A world that counts: from millennium development goals (MDGs) to sustainable development goals (SDGs)
13.03.2017 6. Poor Numbers? Statistical capacity in low income countries
20.03.2017 7. Governance matters: democracy by numbers
27.03.2017 8. Correlates of war: Studying war and peace by numbers
03.04.2017 9. Evidence based policy : Knowledge and governance requirements
11.04.2017 Easter BREAK
18.04.2017 Easter BREAK
25.04.2017 10. Contesting poor numbers: qualitative and quantitative research.
08.05.2017 11. Conclusion

Lecture slides from lecture 1 here.

Lecture slides from lecture 2 here.

Lecture slides from lecture 3 here.


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