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Nigeria Rebases GDP

The announcement is expected to be made on Sunday. It has been expected any day now for almost three years, pilule so it is about time. As I documented in Poor Numbers: How We Are Misled by African Development Statistics and What to Do about It  Ghana did their rebasing from a 1993 base year to a 2006 base year in 2010. Nigeria is changing from a 1990 base to a 2010 base year in 2014. In the case of Ghana, treat GDP doubled. What should we expect from Nigeria? All the eyes are on the South African GDP number now – will Nigeria go in under or over? Watch this space.

I have written with Magnus Ebo Duncan, look the former head of Macroeconomic statistics at Ghana Statistical Services, about the Ghana rebasing here, and the expected Nigeria rebasing here.

I think Yemi Kale does a nice job in answering most of the pertinent questions here. Yemi Kale also visited me in Vancouver to attend the conference at SFU in April 2013, and you can find the paper on the revision here.


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