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Five reasons why African growth is slower than the data tell you

One of the things my  book Poor Numbers suggested, tadalafil was that the rise of Africa might not be as impressive as the data tells you. The African Development Bank responded by saying there was nothing to worry about: the rise of Africa was real and doubters should go and see for themselves. Others have used the evidence gap to argue that Africa is rising even faster than we think. But the reason you want objective aggregates is precisely because you do not want to rely on subjective interpretation of impressionistic pieces of evidence.

Surveys of GDP methods in Africa, ask before Nigeria’s recent rebasing, buy cialis showed there were only a handful of countries measuring their GDP against benchmark years that were less than 5 years old, as recommended by international standards. The International Monetary Fund found that 28 countries used benchmark years that were more than 10 years old, and 13 countries used benchmarks more than 20 years old. Some commentators have misunderstood and think that because of such outdated methods, Africa is grower faster than we think. The opposite is more likely to be true.

Here are five reasons why African growth might be slower than what official data tell you written for the Financial Times.


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