Morten Jerven Morten Jerven

Poor Numbers reviewed by Africa Check

Africa Check is  a non-profit organisation which promotes accuracy in public debate. One of the things they do is to check the accuracy of numbers used in the public domain in South Africa and beyond. It is therefor nice to see they have reviewed...
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The Lancet

Poor Numbers gets a favourable mention in The Lancet. The call it a superb book about development statistics Read the short review here.

Bill Gates reviews my book

Favourably and fairly I think.  Bill Gates says: Yet it is clear to me that we need to devote greater resources to getting basic GDP numbers right. As Jerven argues, site national statistics offices across Africa need more support so that they can obtain...
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Foreign Affairs reviews Poor Numbers

According to Nicolas van de Walle in Foreign Affairs Jerven demonstrates with devastating clarity that African governments produce imprecise economic statistics that should not be trusted. Read the full review here.