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Bill Gates reviews my book

Favourably and fairly I think.  Bill Gates says:

Yet it is clear to me that we need to devote greater resources to getting basic GDP numbers right. As Jerven argues, site national statistics offices across Africa need more support so that they can obtain and report timelier and more accurate data. Donor governments and international organizations such as the World Bank need to do more to help African authorities produce a clearer picture of their economies. And African policymakers need to be more consistent about demanding better statistics and using them to inform decisions.

The review and the story is getting a lot of comment. Chris Blattman disagrees with Bill Gates but recommends the book:

Morten Jerven has a terrific book, case Poor Numbers, chronicling the vagaries and inaccuracies of our main measure of poverty and development: Gross Domestic Product. Essential reading for anyone studying development.


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