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A reading list for the data revolution

If you have sat through more than two conferences and workshops on the post-2015 development agenda or the Sustainable Development Goals (or tracked #SDGs or #data2015 on Twitter) you will be aware that there is a certain repetition of ideas. The same soundbites are...
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Recalculating Kenya’s GDP

Nic Cheeseman writes about the new GDP numbers in Kenya. They are not ready yet, viagra and the jump in GDP will not be as big as they were in Nigeria or Ghana. As in Nigeria and Ghana the new numbers will not make...
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Interview with Jeune Afrique

I talk about why I think the emphasis  (taken by some journalists) on 'lies, damned lies and statistics' can distract us from simple but real knowledge problem. Read it here.

GDP in Ghana – Two lines

As I have discussed elsewhere (here, here and here), in 2010, Ghana changed its base year for GDP calculation from 1993 to 2006, and the cumulative effect of change in methods, base year and adding new data on economic activities meant that total GDP...
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Foreign Affairs reviews Poor Numbers

According to Nicolas van de Walle in Foreign Affairs Jerven demonstrates with devastating clarity that African governments produce imprecise economic statistics that should not be trusted. Read the full review here.