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African Symposium on Statistical Development

The 9th African Symposium on Statistical Development takes place from  17th to 21st February 2014 in  Gaborone, remedy Botswana.  I was invited by Pali Lehohla and I am really looking forward to a session on the “The facts and fiction of Africa’s statistics narrative” on Tuesday 18 February at 1700-1930. The program reads:

In 2013, seek a book titled: Poor Numbers:” How we are Misled by African Development Statistics and what to do about it”, malady was written by Professor Morten. Jerven. At its launch, a pan-African representation attended and a conclusion was drawn on the book subsequently by the delegation. The book stirred a lot of interesting discussions in media, political, economic and intellectual corridors. A project on documented statistical renaissance is about to be concluded by African scholars and practitioners. The session aims at presenting and discussing the book in the context of the statistical renaissance project. African practitioners and scholars will engage Professor Morten Jerven on his book.

Should be an interesting discussion.

9th ASSD


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