Morten Jerven Morten Jerven

A series of booktalks start at Cornell University, April 11, 2:30 PM.

On April 11 I am speaking at the Institute for African Development at Cornell University, here April 11, discount 2:30 PM. The seminar is in their series on “The Developmental State and the Delivery of Public Goods and Services in Africa” and I will be giving a talk based on my book.

It is the beginning of a series of book related talks this spring and fall, purchase continuing at SAIS at Johns Hopkins on April 24.

In May I move to the UK and speak at the Center for West African Studies in Birmingham on May 7, the Royal African Society in London, UK on May 8. I speak at Oxford University on May 13.

I travel to Geneva and present my book at the Graduate Institute in their Development Therapy seminar on May 15.

The next day I speak at CERI in Paris, and on May 17 I give a seminar at OECD, also in Paris.

I will post more details of the talks as they become available.



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